The Facebook Boost Myth

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The Facebook Boost Myth

You have a business page on Facebook, you regularly post which means you often see that big, blue button. The one that just stares and stares at you until you hit it. I am of course talking about the “Boost” button on Facebook. Most people think that it helps you to get a healthy dose of engagement for what appears to be a small cost.¬†

But really it’s just a waste of money. You have no control where it’s going, who is seeing it and those initial flurries of activity, while they are great, they don’t offer customer loyalty and brand awareness. There I said it. Yes, it goes against everything you have been taught, but here’s why.

When you click boost, the temptation is there to just do it as quickly as possible, choose an age bracket, a location, a budget and Go! Even if you do spend some time on ¬†Interests and try to expand your reach you are still faced with the same problem – you don’t have control over the purpose of the ad. Is it for raising brand awareness or do you want people to go to your website?

Facebook instead decide that when you hit the boost button all that happens is the post is optimised for engagement, but minimal clicks or in other words minimal ROI.

Without these parameters you ad is being sent out and hitting an audience that has no interest in your business goals.

What do I do instead?

You may be using Facebook Business Manager already, if you’re not log in right now. Just search for it and log in with your personal account. It’s a bit complicated at the start but once you get used to it you’ll be fine. Using the Adverts Manager area, you can create an advert and there you will find the marketing objective screen. From here you can control exactly what you want your ad to do, tying in with your marketing objectives.

Facebook Business Manager
Facebook Business Manager

Once you’ve gotten the hang of these objectives you’ll be brought through to a similar audience page, where you can decide demographics and really get into the traits of your target audience. A recent example I experienced was when my relationship status changed to Engaged, suddenly I was seeing wedding photographers, wedding venues and I couldn’t help but think,¬†how do they know?! But of course there is a simple reason, the option is in Ad Manager.

You can then finalise where it appears, include Instagram, change titles, links and see the finished article before you hit the blue button.

I hope this has given you some insight into the powers of Business Manager and the notorious Boost button! For further information and tips, get in touch with me.